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The winning picture in the “People” section of the 2013 iPhone Photography Annual Awards, published yesterday, is powerful enough in itself, but it struck me immediately as a homage, deliberate or unconscious, to what is perhaps the most famous portrait of 20th-century photography: Steve McCurry’s “Afghan girl”. McCurry has already recounted in National Geographic the […]

In London with no firm plans for the weekend? If you’re keen on travel and travel writing, you might enjoy the first Travel Festival at Kings Place, the arts centre near King’s Cross, which opens tomorrow. A Saturday evening session with Michael Palin, there to plug his new novel The Truth, is sold out, but […]

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip I made last October to villages in the foothills of the Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. While I was there, I heard a couple of stories from local people about leopard attacks. What I didn’t hear was that more people are killed by leopards in Uttarakhand than in […]

“I’m just trying to make real pictures of real moments in people’s lives”: David Guttenfelder, of AP, winner of the International Centre of Photography’s 2013 Infinity Award for photojournalism, explains what drives his work in North Korea.

I’ve given quite a lot of advice in this blog on how to sell travel articles. Here’s a lesson in how not to do it. A few weeks ago I was emailed an unsolicited article. It was a Thursday, press day for our Saturday print section. It also happened to be a day when the […]

This isn’t new, but it’s certainly entertaining and deserves a wider audience. The quiet carriage on the train isn’t a refuge, says the author Geoff Dyer; it’s “a crime scene waiting to happen”.  

And here are the images from that last roll, which went up on McCurry’s site a few days ago:  

What would you photograph if you were using the last roll of Kodachrome ever made? Here’s how Steve McCurry made his choices:  

My book of 2012? It was one published in 2006, which I discovered at Delhi airport on my way back from a trip to the Himalayas in October: Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra (published in India by Penguin and in Britain by Faber). It’s a plump (950 pages) and populous novel set primarily in Mumbai, […]

Artemis Cooper, author of the much-praised new biography of Patrick Leigh Fermor, will be among speakers at a celebration of the great man’s travel writing at King’s College London next Tuesday (November 20).  

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