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Opening sentence of the week, from Clive James on David Attenborough: So successful are the vertebrates that one of them is making huge television programmes at the age of 87. You can read the rest in his Telegraph column.

A writer should not expect a reader to join in the writing. Clive James, in his Telegraph television review slot this week, lamenting the sloppiness of modern scriptwriting.  

If you missed Robert Macfarlane’s programme last night on BBC Two, here’s a sample. Now you’ll probably want to watch the whole thing on iPlayer.

If the phrase “wild Essex” calls nothing more to mind than a hen party in stilettos draining bottles of Bacardi Breezer, maybe you need to read the piece Robert Macfarlane wrote for yesterday’s Review section in The Guardian. It’s what he calls an alternative account of the Essex landscape. Having travelled around Britain and Ireland […]

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