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I’ve never suffered from the loneliness of the long-distance runner. I love escaping on my own, away from all conversation and distraction, for a head-clearing blast along the road or through the park. Solitary, yes, but never lonely. Since last November, however, when I made a trip to Addis Ababa, I’ve begun to wonder whether […]

Last night I went to hear an Anglican priest speak in a church in Surrey. This morning I turned on my computer to learn that a woman who might well have been one of his congregation had been shot dead in her home. The vicar was Canon Andrew White, of the Memorial Church of St […]

I’ve mentioned Notes in Spanish before as an excellent aid to students of the language. Ben Curtis and Marina Diez, who run the site, have recently recruited a Spanish friend, Isabel, to join in the exchanges on their forum and help people with writing Spanish as well as speaking it.

This week I’ve been looking through some of the best pieces the Telegraph has published on train journeys. Among them I found one by Peter Hughes that we ran over three weeks, a treatment justified not only by the length of the journey — from Wick in Scotland to Vladivostok — but by the quality […]

This week, 50 of my colleagues at Telegraph Media Group lost their jobs, casualties close to home of an economic crisis that has its roots in the readiness of American banks to lend to people who can’t pay them back. This morning I received a letter from Abbey, with which I have a mortgage, offering […]

Did you recycle carrier bags and bin bags in 2008? How? By using them twice or three times instead of once? You weren’t really trying. Look what Joshua Allen Harris, a New York artist, does with his:

I returned from holiday to the office yesterday to find screenfuls of emails, a desk buried under post, most of my colleagues out of the office — and a report in The New York Times about the dangers of “multitasking”. I knew all about the last already. I phoned an executive in our advertising department […]

Several hotels have had a writer-in-residence. The Chelsea Hotel in New York has a blogger-in-residence. And the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, has a felon-in-residence. According to the Los Angeles Times, Jeffrey Borer, sentenced to six months’ home detention for illegally videotaping Michael Jackson, is serving his time at the hotel because his […]

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