From reviews of Sunrise on the Southbound Sleeper

‘An exceptionally well-chosen collection…the book itself amounts to a pleasurable journey…punctuated by pithy, profound anecdotal nuggets.’
Time Out
‘Sublime…Michael Kerr has chosen some great writers, and they whisk you to the four corners of the earth. The romance and excitement of train travel is captured on each page. This is a treasure of travel writing.’
Patrick Neale in The Bookseller

From reviews of Bon Voyage!

4 stars `A brilliant book, ideal for indulging in while out there on the river.’
From Time Out
Ah, there’s nothing like an uncluttered horizon and a fresh sea breeze to brighten the spirit. And even a quick flick through Bon Voyage!: The Telegraph Book of River and Sea Journeys (Aurum, £20) is enough to raise a smile. From transatlantic opulence on board the QE2 to Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ first ‘pleasure trip’, this fat collection of watery tales is a good read for every traveller, not just those with salt running through their veins.
From Wanderlust magazine

From reviews of Last Call for the Dining Car:

‘Endlessly enjoyable anthology of articles . . . notable partly for the journeys they describe, but more so for the exuberant rattle and whoosh of the writing . . . the theme of rail as the civilised way to travel returns again and again. As one 1960s rail enthusiast laments: “How few of us keep faith in this fevered age of flight.” Sit back, slow down and relish.’
Book of the month choice by Dan Linstead, editor of Wanderlust magazine
‘And yet another quick-fix read, yielding fine writing spiced with wit, adventure and wonder, is Michael Kerr’s Last Call for the Dining Car (Aurum, £18.99), a compilation bringing to life rattling good railway rides and tall tales (all allegedly true) from the pens of such as Michael Palin, Tim Parks, Boris Johnson and PJ Kavanagh.’
From travel books of the year chosen by Tom Adair in The Scotsman
‘I sometimes despair at the way that most railway books are so limited in scope, written for a limited audience and concentrating on technical aspects of the railway. This year, though, has been a bumper year for good railway books and I suggest the following as possible Christmas presents . . .  Then there is the lovely Telegraph anthology, Last Call for the Dining Car (Aurum), an apposite title in this year of cuts in catering and the demise of the Orient Express.’
From the blog of the transport analyst Christian Wolmar

From reviews of Our Side of the House:

‘I urge people to read this book. It will tell . . . readers more about attitudes in the troubled North than they will find in more earnest tomes.’
John Cole, former political editor of the BBC
‘A funny, and sometimes painful, history of the tricky nuances of religious distinction . . . Set in a time when the protestations of Orange and Green were growing ever more dangerously strident, this warm book conveys the importance of the complicated shades of grey.’
The Sunday Telegraph
‘Rumbustiously readable.’
Belfast Telegraph
‘Finely crafted collage of events and relationships delves deep into the social fabric of Ulster.’
The Herald
‘Funny and uplifting . . . neatly swerves round the potholes of cliché and romanticism . . .  will strike a chord with anyone who has lived in or visited the North.’
The Irish Post
‘Splendid . . . highly enjoyable.’
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